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What’s The Difference Between Gifts, Tips And Tokens?

What’s The Difference Between Gifts, Tips And Tokens?

Learn how Gifts, Tips and Tokens each work differently to accomplish the same thing – earning you money!



What Are Tokens?

Tokens are the currency used on CAM4.

Your viewers may tip you tokens while you’re on cam. You can cash out the tokens you earn at CAM4Bucks for real money. 10 Tokens = $1 USD.

Viewers often tip to make requests, help reach a goal you’ve set, or show appreciation for your awesome broadcast! Viewers can also use tokens to buy CAM4 Gifts, or pay for your Private and Group shows.

As a performer, you can use tokens that come through your CAM4Bucks account to buy a gold membership.


What Are Gifts?

CAM4 Gifts are virtual presents designed by CAM4 that hold a specific token value. Anyone on CAM4 has the ability to send or receive a gift, but you have to be approved on CAM4bucks to cash out the tokens attached – the tokens will be sent to your CAM4bucks total as soon as someone sends you a gift.

What Happens When You Receive A Gift

You will see your gift (and who sent it) on the Display Case on your profile for 30 days.


You might also receive a private message attached to your gift, if the sender wrote you one. Send a reply to show that the gift was appreciated!


You will also get an email letting you know that you received a new gift if you have opted-in to email notifications from CAM4. You can turn on or change your notifications in your account settings.

How To See Your Gifts In CAM4Bucks

You can get a report of the tokens you’ve received from gifts in your ‘Tip Jar’.



This report will show you the time, date, token amount, gift name and username of the person who sent your gifts.

It will also show up in your other reports as an ‘OFFLINE TIP’.


What Are Tips?

A tip is meant as a payment or present, sent in the form of tokens in an amount determined by the sender.

What Happens When You Receive A Tip

Once someone has sent you a tip:

  • You will see a grey bar appear over your broadcast window that will display the number of tokens, and who sent it.
  • You will hear a ‘Beep, Beep, Beep’ sound (unless you turn it off by pressing the music note at the top right of your broadcast window)
  • The tip amount will be added to your tip bar, as you get closer to your goal, your tip bar becomes more of a rainbow.
  • The tip amount will also be added to ‘Your Earnings’ that is located under your tip bar. This will show your total tokens earned for that broadcast.

How To See Your Tips In CAM4Bucks

You can see your tips in your ‘Earnings Report’.



You can also see your tips in ‘Model History’ which will give you a breakdown of all your tips by year, month, and day. To access this information just keep drilling down by pressing the little orange arrow on the right hand side.



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