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Camming Essential Tools

Camming Essential Tools

Whether your a newbie or experienced in camming you’ll know (or soon realize) that quality of the performence relies heavily on the equipment you have. Nobody wants the fuzzy video that cuts in and out, disconnecting viewers from your show and causing more headache then orgasms.

You want to be seen! All of you including the sexy details of your naughty bits. And of course you dont want to loose contact with your viewers. So how do you avoid coming across as a pixelated image? Besides a fast and secure internet connection there are some other important technological aspects to consider.
Logitec Pro 9000This might be an obvious one but completely essential. If you’re still using the webcam that came with your laptop/destop then I recommend investing in a proper webcam with specs that will show you in the best possible way. A good all round webcam is the Logitec Pro 9000. This one has a 2-megapixel HD sensor that offers sharp image quality (1,600×1,200 resolution) even in low light. It is suitable for both laptops and desktops, easy to handle and sturdy. You don’t need to be incredibly tech savvy to use this one either. Also it has a built in mircohpone with great sound sensitivity, perfect for conversation and those sexy moans of pleasure that draw in your viewers.

Logitec Pro 920

The best of the best webcams for streaming cammers is hands down the Logitech HD Pro 920. This webcam is designed for the most life like, or true to form images with 1080p HD quality and was made specifically for video chat. Compared to other webcams, the image sharpness is noticably the best and most natural. If you want the fluidity of your shows to come across, it has few autofocus glitches for smooth transitions. In other words the image is so realistic your admirers will think they are in the room with you. Also, unlike most high end webcams, like Logitec Pro 9000, this one does the compression for your computer meaning you don’t need an especially fast computer to use it.

Less tech related and more about ambiance. What kind of atmosphere do you want to create? Although most people have plain old florescent light bulbs some of the sexiest shows use interesting lighting to set the mood. Candles are probably the first to come to mind but sensuality can be created in more ways.

fairylightsFor a feminine and romantic feel try using white or coloured fairy lights. It might be dim but totally flattering. Hang them along your walls, draped from the ceiling, wrapped in bedposts or craddled in glass mason jars. Throw in some Chinese rice lanterns and your good to go! Also, fabric flower fairy lights are gorgeous and give a soft delicate effect.
LEDlightFor a modern yet mysterious effect, go for LED backlighting. Place coloured LED backlights under furniture, behind pictures or around your bedframe for an ultra cool look. Use red for a spicy and alluring feeling, blue for sophisticated and laid back and purple for a funky yet fun look.

cowboyStudio lightingGoing for a clean, crisp show? Professional lighting tools are your best bet. The CowboyStudio 43 inch black and gold photo studio umbrella focusses all the light (and attention) on you. That professional bright look allows you to showcase all your best assets 😉

Remember that these tools help to enhance your shows, they are not what makes your shows. Webcams and lighting are crucial for broadcasting but the real magic that keeps viewers coming back is not technological at all, it’s you! The style of your shows and your personality shine the brightest.

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