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Rock Hard With Rocked69

Rock Hard With Rocked69

Rocked69 is a 27 year old CAM4 performer from the great country of the United Kingdom. He is straight, but do not worry guys he still likes for you guys to watch. Sexually he is into cyber sex, porn, and oral sex. So show him some love and don’t forget to send him gifts and gold stars.

Voyeur or exhibitionist: what came first for you?

Ok this is not an easy question to answer, but I would have to say a bit of both, as when I started off here it was more of a voyeurism side of things, but as I became more comfortable being on cam and the whole showing off side of it, I found myself being more of an exhibitionist and enjoying showing off “The Goods”.^E478DC07EB9CCBF4B7E132AC967B5804DAAC81D2F9B7C484A3^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

I hate using the word “sexy” so often, so how would you describe your cam shows in 3 words? 

Mellow, Intimate and Mysterious

If we threw a CAM4 party, would you be the life of the party dancing and singing, or hanging out on the sidelines getting to know some fellow cam performers? Or something else?

I would be the life of the party, but rocking it from the sidelines with a select few of my own favourite performers if they so happen to be there. There are several performers I very much want to get to know from CAM4, particularly 1 or 2 I have had my eyes on for some time now.

Tell us about one sexual adventure that you wish you had shared on CAM4.

Well to put it bluntly I have never had sex with a woman on CAM4 but I am keeping my eyes open for the right opportunity.

Has camming changed your sex life? More hornier, less hornier, has it improved your sex life?

Yes camming has very much changed my sex life in a sense that I am more comfortable within my own body for others to see more of it on and off camera. I cannot say if it has or if it has not improved it, as I have always had a very high sex drive and a horny fucker.^3B2468DF9342097A244A56341E00817C0024C5B592846474D7^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

If you could be any animal, what would that be and why? 

As cliché and common as it may sound I would simply like to be any animal with the ability to fly, just to be able to get up and go where ever I like in the world as free and easy as a flap of the wings… well that would be an amazing for sure!

What super power would you chose?

The answer to this somewhat relates back to my answer for the last question, I would love the super power of teleportation, again simply so that I could be anywhere in the world whenever I please in the blink of an eye.

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