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Live Chat Translator Now on CAM4!

Live Chat Translator Now on CAM4!

As a global community, we strive to make communication easy and possible. No matter who you’re watching, we want you to chat with them and interact.  That’s half the fun, right? So we’re excited to bring the worldwide CAM4 community closer together with our new Live Chat Translator! The Translator automatically translates all incoming chat to your language ­ so you can easily interact with performers and viewers from around the world.


Starting this week, all Gold Members are getting exclusive first-access to the Live Chat Translator while chatting in any cam. Just click the Translator icon pictured above, located on top of the chat window to start seeing the messages you’ve been missing! You’ll have the below drop down menu to chose which language you’d like to translate it to:



Currently the Live Chat Translator supports eight languages: German, Romanian, Italian, Portuguese, French, English, Spanish, and Dutch.

Update: Broadcasters are now able to use the live chat translator during their shows! 

This is a special Gold Member preview, but if you’re not a Gold Member you can become one now. Click here to find out more. Gold Members receive front of line access to all new CAM4 features on top of other juicy benefits 😉

Like this feature? Leave your feedback in a comment! And bookmark the CAM4 blog, we have more exciting news coming soon!

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