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Birthday Hunk: Dominic Orten

Birthday Hunk: Dominic Orten

On March 10th Dominic Orten, one of our CAM4 performers is having a birthday. CAM4 loves celebrations of any kind and we are always here to help performers celebrate. How old is he? You will have to catch his show and find out. This I can say he is over 18.

Who the hell is Dominic? He has been involved in adult/artistic nude modeling since January 2013. He has been a stripper since 2010. He is nice, down to earth, relaxed, and easy to talk to.

In honor of his birthday he is giving away custom videos. Now to get one of these videos all you have to do is check out his Amazon wish list. Once you are there, buy him a costume and in return a custom video is yours. Hurry up you do not have many days left so get to shopping.

Dominic’s Amazon Wish List


Lets find out the good stuff. If we got naked and got into bed with him what does he get into.

Do you enjoy cyber sex?


Do you use sex toys?


Do you enjoy oral sex?


Do you enjoy anal sex?


Do you enjoy porn movies?

Of course

Are you interested in sex with multiple partners?

If my lover consents then perhaps

Do you enjoy BDSM?

Oh yeah

What other types of sex are you interested in?

Not sure

What is your favorite sexual fantasy?

Wouldn’t you like to know

What do you look for in a sexual partner?

Stamina, I like to fuck long and hard

Who is the one person you would like to have sex with?

Someone that knows who they are

Watch Dominic Orten On CAM4


This hottie’s sexy shows are a must, so subscribe to his shows on CAM4 and follow him on Twitter


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