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11 Tips for Webcam Models: How to Make Money

11 Tips for Webcam Models: How to Make Money

I have found that in my experience there is no such thing as the perfect show, but there is what I call the Great Show. It is possible to have a Great Show, in the CAM4 coaching classes Nikki gives great advice. For those who don’t attend (you should) here’s a list of tips for webcam models. These are tried and true, from the experience of

1. Be well rested. I need to listen to this one myself, I’m terrible when it comes to sleep and it’s important for your shows. If you’ve had sleep, it shows. You’re energetic and thus you give your viewers energy. But when you’re tired and in zombie-mode, you’re not really going to get too far.

2. Eat and hydrate. Food and drinks can make you have a great CAM4 show. In the past I’ve done shows where I haven’t eaten all day and I’m miserable. Without food you have no stamina, to have an orgasmic show you need food and drink.

3. Adjust the temperature. Not a lot of people think that temperature can affect your stamina, your hydration, even your mind-set. Being too hot and stuffy can make you dehydrated thus making it increasingly difficult to have a decent cum show. So stick on the air conditioning and cool down a bit before broadcasting. Same goes for being too cold, so just make sure you’re comfortable.

4. Smile! This one is evident to working whilst smiles make the world go round and show you’re in a good mood, yes a fake smile is easy to spot. Never go on cam4 without being in a good mood. A bad mood makes a bad show.

5. Sort out the technical stuff. Make sure everything is working: clean your cache, make sure your computer is running smoothly, test your Internet connection, and make sure your camera and audio feed are working.

6. Stand out from the crowd. This is especially important in the male section of CAM4, or “the sea of cocks.” Rise up from the sea by standing out. Don’t just sit there jacking off like the rest , dance , play the guitar , just stand out. Wearing red stands out too whether it be lipstick, br , t-shirt, or jockstrap red will stand out from crowd , it may have something to do with the fact that lust is symbolized by the colour red.

7. Don’t Spam. I have seen it done many times where I have gone into a room and then instantly getting a private message along the lines of “ pvt me bb,” several times in the space of thirty seconds it is annoying as hell to the viewers don’t do it.

8. Don’t play the favorite. Every performer has their high tippers and granted you can welcome them into the room, thank them for tips etc. but do not only direct attention to that one person. I have been in that position before and it’s stressful. To keep all viewers coming back: treat them all equally.

9. Don’t beg for tips. Most people are on CAM4 to make a little extra buck, and you’ll notice that the one with high tokens don’t beg for the tokens. Instead they set the goal and let the show flow, because they know that on somedays they may have tokens raining in and on other they may be dry.

10. Don’t focus on viewer count. Viewers are good whether you’re a newbie or experienced as they can determine how noticeable you are on the site, but if you pay attention to just that goes in and out of a room your viewers will surely loose there buzz and leave.

11. And lastly have fun!

These tips are a compilation from several people and myself, but I think we can all agree that Nikki Night’s coaching shows were a huge source of tips for webcam models to all of us. If you haven’t attended her classes, they’ll change your cam life so go to CAM4Bucks to get the password for Tuesday night Open Forum!!

What are your top tips for webcam models? Leave a comment to share your key to success or what you think makes a cam model stand out.

Try out these tips for webcam models on CAM4!

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