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Twitter Chat Fridays On CAM4

Twitter Chat Fridays On CAM4

Every week, CAM4 hosts a Twitter chat from the @cam4 and @cam4_gay accounts. Fridays at 5pm EST CAM4 hosts an hour-long Twitter chat on different topics each week.

To follow the chat, save #cam4chat in your Twitter search results or just type it in and follow the tweets.

Twitter chats are a great way to get your questions answered, be it tech or how to be more successful, or get some new ideas on everything from promoting your shows to creative ways to step up your game. For viewers, you can use Twitter chats to share your input with broadcasters or find new shows to watch.

Official CAM4 Twitter Accounts:

CAM4 North America: @cam4

CAM4 Spain: @cam4_es

CAM4 Italy: @cam4_it

CAM4 France: @cam4_fr

CAM4 Brazil + Portugal: @cam4_pt

CAM4 Gay: @cam4_gay

CAM4 UK: @cam4_uk

CAM4 Germany: @cam4_de

CAM4 Netherlands: @cam4_nl

Bring your questions, your tips, your ideas, and your beautiful faces out on Friday @ 5pm EST.

Follow @cam4_gay on Twitter and say hi during our next #cam4chat!

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