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CAM4 Muscles: Fitdude82

CAM4 Muscles: Fitdude82

I’m a big fan of fitness and I enjoy sharing any tips/advice (as well as my body) regarding any workout/fitness questions that the awesome folks on Cam4 might possibly have.  I live in the US, currently in the state of….Arousal and this state is known for its abundance of protein and wood.  New cu–comers arriving to this great state always end up staying which is no surprise since the eCUMnomy is thriving here and I mass produce my own special blend of pure protein for you all to enjoy.  Besides being nutritious, it’s extremely tasty too!   On a serious note, I actually do live in the US but where exactly?  Well, that will be told at another time :)

When having sex what is your favorite thing to do?

The actual act of having sex itself. All time favorite position is having their legs propped onto my shoulders as I’m pounding them and in total control. Love to finish it off with either a facial or having my load getting swallowed. Should I be more graphic and specific with the details? Cause if so,  I could.

Why did you decide to start camming?shirtUP

I’m an exhibitionist and get turned on when being watched, whether it’s at the gym, beach, in the locker room or anywhere else where other guys and girls and myself have some sort of good amount of skin showing so it was just natural for me to start checking out sites online to do just that, to be watched. Besides doing c2c on a certain program, Cam4 was actually the first site that I had started camming on that could accommodate a huge audience that could watch at the same time and it’s been horningly (<— is that a legit word?) great!

What do you sleep in?

In a bed…butt naked but if it’s really hot and humid, I’ll usually wear a tank and boxers so that I don’t get sweaty and sticky all over the sheets.

When dating do you tell people about you camming?

I do it for my own personal pleasure so unless we’re serious, then I would tell and hopefully, if comfortable enough, he or she would join in also. So far, only one has done  a show (a while back) and he enjoyed it quite a bit.

How often do you jack off?

One of the greatest things about being a guy is having a cock that can be played with so I take full advantage of that. Usually j/o daily, sometimes 2 if I’m not engaging in sex that day.

What do you get asked to do on cam the most?laying1

Since I usually start off my shows with clothes on, it would be to flex and then to take my shirt off. When naked, the usual requests for cock & ass is always a hit but (pun intended) ass hole is ranking up there now – no clue to as to why that is :O

Have you ever been in love?

A while back but it wasn’t “true” love since I fell out of it. Plenty of time for it to still happen but I’m in no hurry for it to.

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 Muscles are hot.  What do you find hot about muscles?  Leave a comment below.


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