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Videos for Sale from CAM4!

Videos for Sale from CAM4!

CAM4 will always be about the live shows – but life is busy and we have to run to the local sex shop sometimes. Which is why a lot of our members sell videos. Until now, you had to search through CAM4 to find those videos. Now, we’re just going to list them all here on the CAM4 Gay blog!

Beginning today, any CAM4 members who’s selling a video for CAM4 tokens can fill out this form and get their videos promoted on our blog. And of course, on Twitter.

Your CAM4 Username (required)

Video Theme (required)

Price of video (CAM4 tokens only)

Tell us about the video

Upload an image

Viewers, check back soon once we have our first listings up! So, who do you think has the best videos for sale on CAM4? Leave a comment!

Don’t forget to follow @cam4_gay on Twitter to get more sexy fun news!

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