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A Few Tips About Cam4 Tokens

A Few Tips About Cam4 Tokens

cam4 tokens

Hundreds of thousands of tokens are tipped on Cam4 every day — making shows better, encouraging performers, and letting individual viewers stand out from the crowd in chat rooms. The community’s willingness to tip is a big part of why Cam4 is the best Live Cam community online.

If you haven’t used tokens on Cam4 before, read on to learn more and get started with an even better Cam4 experience. If you’re already a great tipper, we bet there’s a few tips and facts about tokens that even you don’t know yet.


Just The Tip
Although broadcasting and watching cams on Cam4 is always 100% free, you can purchase tokens to spend on performers to show your appreciation for putting on such incredible shows.

Tipping doesn’t just show your appreciation, it often makes the show better!
Performers may set an end goal (ex. dildo at goal) with a progress bar that shows how many tokens need to be tipped to meet it. Many performers also set smaller goals to help along the way (10 tks for flash). Some performers even offer bonus treats for additional tokens, like videos of themselves or alone time in a private chat room!

A Token of Your Appreciation
Tipping performers during their shows is a great way to encourage them to keep broadcasting. Send tokens to your favorite performers often to make sure that you’ll see them on the site again!

Performers can see which viewers are sending tips, so you will almost always get special attention after tipping — a great way to stand out from the crowd of viewers in chat.

Here’s a Tip: Performers Love Gifts
Tokens aren’t used just for regular tips — you can get creative by spending tokens in the Cam4 Gift Marketplace to pick out a virtual gift for your favorite performers. Many performers LOVE showing off the gifts they’ve received from viewers.

The gift recipient also receives tokens equal to the cost of the gift, so gifting is a great alternative to tipping regular tokens. Help them fill their display case!

cam4 gifts

Token Packages
Tokens are available in a variety of different packages, so you can feel free to try out just a few, or save big by buying more at once. Remember, tokens never disappear or expire, so don’t worry about buying too many, just worry about running out!

Check out all the token packages available to find the right one for you.

That’s all for now… Why not find a show worth tipping?


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