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Why Was I Banned From Cam4?

Why Was I Banned From Cam4?



We work hard to keep the Cam4 Community inviting and safe for every member, so that our site continues to be the best place online for hot fun on cam. Our administrators and automated programs monitor the entire site at all times to protect members from scammers, spammers and illegal activity. Administrators can ban the accounts of offenders when they find violations – keeping Cam4 safe and free from abuse for the vast majority of members who just want to have fun!

Read on for information about the types of bans on Cam4, and what you can do to ensure that you’re playing by the rules.

1. Administrator Site Ban
Cam4 administrators will ban your account from the site completely for illegal activity and violating Cam4’s Terms & Conditions. Underage users, URL spammers, scammers and members who use video capture software are subjected to site bans.

Administrators may also ban members after repeated warnings for other offences, such as playing videos or using still images.

These bans are complete site bans, and banned accounts will not be able to access the site again.

You can read over the Cam4 Terms of Use at http://www.cam4.com/terms to make sure you’re familiar with the rules of the site.

2. Broadcaster Bans
Performers have control over their room and are free to ban anyone from watching their cam. Usually viewers are only banned from a performer’s room for abusive behavior – so stay friendly to keep watching!

Broadcaster Bans only apply to the room of the performer that banned you – you are free to find another cam to watch and chat in.

3. Chat Bans
Cam4 uses an automated point system to limit abuse in chat. Entering rooms and watching cams gives you positive points, while being banned by broadcasters gives you negative points. If your points drop too low due to multiple Broadcaster Bans, your account is automatically restricted from using chat. You can still watch cams, but chat features are turned off until you earn enough positive points to reverse the chat ban.

Keep Cam4 Fun!

Remember, bans are used to keep the Cam4 Community safe from abuse, illegal activity, and annoying spammers – they are never taken lightly. If you, like most of the incredible Cam4 Community, are here to have some fun, watch some cams, and meet some amazing people from around the world, then you have nothing to worry about!

If you feel you’ve been banned by mistake, please contact [COSTUMER SUPPORT LINK].

For more information about Cam4 bans visit www.cam4.com/help/. If you feel like you’ve been banned by mistake, please contact Customer Support.

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