Canadian Gifts now on CAM4

Canadian Gifts now on CAM4»

Yes my Canadian friends, it’s finally time to send a virtual apology to all of your friends :P We’ve just added a special selection of Canadian-themed gifts to CAM4
CAM4 Daddy Rickct72

CAM4 Daddy Rickct72»

I am a 42 Year old Bisexual guy from beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, you can find me on CAM4 under the name Rickct72 .
Tips and Tricks for Cam4 models

Tips and Tricks for Cam4 models»

Hello my naughty enthusiasts. Your favourite secret cam4 model is back with some general tips for webcaming.
French Stud: Tiziste

French Stud: Tiziste»

I am Tiziste a French 21 year old single young male who is into sex toys, getting naked on CAM4, and sex, lots of sex.
Italy Violates Same Sex Marriage Rights – European Court

Italy Violates Same Sex Marriage Rights – European Court»

Following the appeal of three homosexual couples, yesterday the Legal Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg have expressed a severe judgment to Italy
Big Dick Of Italy: Alexistar

Big Dick Of Italy: Alexistar»

Alexistar has been using CAM4 for a few months, he loved it at first site since he loves to show off his sexy body on cam.
Mr Wet Bulge 2015: Best Bulge on CAM4

Mr Wet Bulge 2015: Best Bulge on CAM4»

It’s time to measure up – show us your bulge at its finest: wet, barely covered, the essence of summertime 😉 You know the story, you’re at the beach, and you can’t stop looking at all of the men.
Strange Sexual Phobias

Strange Sexual Phobias»

Nearly a quarter of Americans suffer from some type of phobia, whether it’s being scared of heights, spiders, or peanut butter.
Cam4 Coach for Romanian performers

Cam4 Coach for Romanian performers»

Since we love every single performer on our Cam4 site we couldn’t leave you out of our sexy camily so …we have some great news for you.
Leather Daddy: Leathermaso

Leather Daddy: Leathermaso»

I am a 51 year old submissive BDSM, leather, fetish gay cam daddy from Germany, and can be found and watched as Leathermaso on CAM4.
Ramp Up Your Sex Drive

Ramp Up Your Sex Drive»

Do you ever think, “Where the hell did my sex drive go”? Is it because you are tired, busy, or distracted?
Sex Magic for Beginners

Sex Magic for Beginners»

Sex Magic refers to an ancient science that has been known and protected by the purest, most spiritually advanced human beings, whose purpose and goal is the harnessing and perfection of our sexual forces.
Creepy Sex Toys

Creepy Sex Toys»

Sex toys can bring more fun to a relationship or in the bedroom, but some toys take sex play to a whole new level,
Getting Ryan Russell Naked

Getting Ryan Russell Naked»

Through my production company,, we've been creating live XXX hardcore experiences for more than five years.
Using Twitter Analytics

Using Twitter Analytics»

Being successful means being connected to your fan base, to do this you need to utilize Twitter analytics.