CAM4 Stud: Ssexy_master

CAM4 Stud: Ssexy_master»

Hello, I am gay and proud even if my family and friends do not know that I am gay. I am 27 years old and will be 28 year sold on March 9th.
The Kingdom of Kayd Show Creates Worldwide Court

The Kingdom of Kayd Show Creates Worldwide Court»

During the time of oil boom fortunes in young America, wealthy oil family heiresses would often be matched to needy titles of nobility around the world.
Videos for Sale from CAM4!

Videos for Sale from CAM4!»

Selling videos on CAM4? Fill out this form and let us help you get those videos sold! We'll be listing all of the videos for sale on the CAM4 blog!
CAM4 Camboy Of The Day: Horserider24

CAM4 Camboy Of The Day: Horserider24»

Meet Greg or Horserider24 as he is known on CAM4, he is a groom at a local riding school In England.
CAM4 Stud: Krisirons

CAM4 Stud: Krisirons»

Hey there, I'm Kris Irons, 24yo. I'm a porn performer/model, newcummer and here to stay ;) I'm 6'1'' ft, 200lbs, hung. Easygoing guy, I live my life to the fullest, artistic, sometimes crazy.
Cam2Cam Crew Challenge Winners! (CONTEST)

Cam2Cam Crew Challenge Winners! (CONTEST)»

Let the challenge begin! We have 4 teams, each with 6 babes who are challenging themselves to come out on top as the team who can do the most Cam2Cam shows! Check back daily for the score.
CAM4 Hot Boy: Ob1k

CAM4 Hot Boy: Ob1k»

I am ob1k, a fun, comical cam guy. Been on cam4 for almost 4 years, celebrating my 4th camiversary on September 25th. I am known for making folks laugh.
Strange Sex Laws That Still Exist

Strange Sex Laws That Still Exist»

If you lived in New York City and were caught with a bunch of condoms you could land in jail because police officers thought you were involved in prostitution.
Brief Up Your Junk With Andrew Christian (Winners)

Brief Up Your Junk With Andrew Christian (Winners)»

We called out to our sexy male performers. show us your junk in your Andrew Christian briefs. You guys posted some hot junk, and now I want to see that junk on CAM4.
CAM4 Stud: Futurenudist

CAM4 Stud: Futurenudist»

His name is Anthony Ramirez or Futurenudist on CAM4. He is 23 years old and a recent college graduate. This sexy beast is Latino, more specifically Mexican.
Gay Erotic Fiction By: @CockLoversWorld

Gay Erotic Fiction By: @CockLoversWorld»

This is a gay sex story, which happened to @CockLoversWorld a week ago. The names used in this gay sex story are fictional. So sit back and enjoy the story.
How to Introduce Your Partner to Your Sex Toys

How to Introduce Your Partner to Your Sex Toys»

This goes for both guys and girls, because as we know from CAM4 experience; toys aren’t just for girls. So you have these toys, and you love them, they work every time, and they treat you like royalty.
Next Gen Condoms

Next Gen Condoms»

Condoms made out of "tough hydrogels" might one day save lives, reduce unplanned pregnancies, and make safe sex a pleasure.
Sex on the Beach is a Must This Summer

Sex on the Beach is a Must This Summer»

Few sexual exploits are so thrilling that bartenders name a cocktail after them. Sex on the Beach is one of those few!
Global Sex: Destination Vacations

Global Sex: Destination Vacations»

When it comes to the summer, with all that extra flesh on show, tanned long legs, tiny bikinis and muscly bodies, it’s no wonder that everyone gets a bit hot and horny.