Ghost Sex

Ghost Sex»

Ghost sex is a fetish I had not heard of, It is called Spectrophilia which is the sexual attraction to ghosts.
In the Beginning there was Camming…

In the Beginning there was Camming…»

Believe it or not there was a time when the Internet was used for only emails and data collecting…then the webcam was invented.
Normal Perv: Mistermac80

Normal Perv: Mistermac80»

Hello my name is MisterMac80 I am a 35 year old from Germany, I describe myself funny and sometimes crazy, I like to have fun with girls and guys on CAM4.
CAM4 Gaming Stud: Madmark13

CAM4 Gaming Stud: Madmark13»

Hello CAM4! I am madmark13, a 26 year old from the United States and I am into video games along with being a huge sports fan.
GetWet Winners: Top CAM4 Studs

GetWet Winners: Top CAM4 Studs»

Thanks to our voters, we have your 4 finest entries for you to congratulate, ogle, and enjoy live on CAM4.
CAM4 Group Shows Contest (SIGN UP)

CAM4 Group Shows Contest (SIGN UP)»

Ready to compete for the 3,000 token grand prize? Sign up here before August 2nd to join the CAM4 Group Shows Contest from August 3rd to 16th!
TheFluffer: The Most Famous AMATEUR COCKSUCKER in Italy, Now on CAM4!

TheFluffer: The Most Famous AMATEUR COCKSUCKER in Italy, Now on CAM4!»

He has been a member of the CAM4 community since 2012. Three years later he has become "TheFluffer", Italy's most famous amateur cocksucker.
German Hot Ass: Mrbombxxx

German Hot Ass: Mrbombxxx»

How do you say I want your hot ass in German? Who knows, but I think this 20 year old who goes by Mrbombxxx on CAM4 is the total package.
CAM4 Gifts: New Faces Available!

CAM4 Gifts: New Faces Available!»

Last week, we added our newest CAM4 gifts! Some of them might be familiar - now you can send CAM4 Faces to everyone :P
CAM4 Submissive: Fetishguy77

CAM4 Submissive: Fetishguy77»

I am a 31 year old CAM4 submissive from Greece known as fetishguy77.
The #getwet Hottest Pics of 2015 (VOTE)

The #getwet Hottest Pics of 2015 (VOTE)»

Vote for your favorite #getwet pic here, if you can decide :P We had CAM4 models all over the world soaking wet with excitement for your votes...
World Emoji Day Gifts: One Weekend Only!

World Emoji Day Gifts: One Weekend Only!»

For World Emoji Day, we've got special emoji gifts! For one weekend only, these emojis usually available in chat only to Gold Members are yours to share!
Vampire Sex Toys: Can Everyone Enjoy Them?

Vampire Sex Toys: Can Everyone Enjoy Them?»

Vampire sex toys call for an @insideabbey story! When I was in college, I took a Vampire class.
Mn_cock’s Car Fundraiser

Mn_cock’s Car Fundraiser»

Hi there and thanks for coming to check out Mn_cock's Car Fundraiser.
CAM4 Sexy Duo: Mjamez

CAM4 Sexy Duo: Mjamez»

We're Alan and Mike, a sexy duo known on CAM4 as Mjamez and we perform our "Gay Vs Straight" show every week on CAM4.